Burger King Menu Prices


Burger King Menu Prices


I bet you didn’t know that the prices at Burger King are different from place to place. Even restaurants near each other can have vastly different prices. I wonder why this is? I wonder if there are any items that are the same price everywhere? What is it that makes the prices change from location to location?

These are all very interesting questions and the answers might surprise you. We shall now look at the prices of the items on the Burger King menu and find out how they work out this pricing. We’ll see what items are priced in a standardised manner and we’ll find out how you can learn about the prices of the food at your nearest Burger King locations.

Why is there a difference in prices?

The price of the menu items is determined by a lot of different factors. This list doesn’t cover everything as there are so many factors dictating the prices, but we shall have a look at some of the main reasons why the prices may be different, focusing on the three biggest reasons.

It doesn’t really matter though as you will always be able to save money by printing out Burger King coupons.

The Franchises: Some of the Burger King restaurants are privately owned franchises rather than being owned and operated by the corporation. These private franchises have a bit of leeway on how they price their products. This can therefore have an impact on what you are paying for your burger as they will have set their prices how they want them. They can charge more or they can charge less, it’s all up the franchise owner what you end up paying.

The Location: You’ll find higher prices at Burger King in places that are most popular with tourists. This a common practise to boost profits with lots of restaurants in this type of area. It’s not so bad though, we’re used to paying higher prices in tourist areas. If you look at a tourist town gift shop you’ll see this is common along with the extra price of gas and items from convenience stores. There is no difference with Burger King food either.

If a company can make extra profits by putting the prices up then they will do just that. It happens in fast food and it commonly happens in all other areas of retail too.

The Shipping: The menu prices at Burger King can be greatly affected by shipping prices. There isn’t a large profit margin in fast food. If shipping prices are high then menu prices must rise. Shipping prices can be higher, for example if fuel costs rise, or the franchise is a long way from a distribution centre. You’ll find this will many types of business.

Local and national advertisements:

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Some of the Burger King prices are the same all over. However you need to look closely at this as some items will not be the same cost, no matter what you see advertised on TV. If you watch a Burger King advert you may see the term ‘at participating locations’.

This means that the prices at Burger King can still differ even on a national special offer for a particular item. You may see an advertisement for a Whopper with a really great discount, perhaps they are offering them at $1.49, but if a restaurant is one that is isn’t a participating location you could get there and find you are charged $1.79 or even just the normal menu price for the items from the advert.

However if you do see a commercial on the television you can probably count on it being valid in at least most of the restaurants in your local area. The advertisements are valid for 99% of the locations.

Items for a dollar:

The dollar section of the menu is generally pretty much the same for their prices across the Burger King locations. What I mean is, all the restaurants have menu items that you can buy for just one dollar. The thing that can change though is what the items are that are on the menu. Because they can’t change the price, the only thing they can do is adjust the items they put on the dollar menu. So in some places you’ll be able to get a Jr Whopper for a dollar but in others you’ll only be able to get a standard hamburger for your dollar. So when you’re looking at the Burger King menu, the dollar section will always cost a dollar, but what you can get for your dollar will change from location to location.

There are these differences in the prices of the items on the Burger King menu, and the differences in the items you can get for a dollar, but a lot of the items will be about the same price really. There’ll usually be a portion of french fries available in the dollar section and at least one type of burger. You may also find your location has a value section. These items aren’t all a dollar each, but they will be a cheap deal. Take a look at the menu and you will get a good idea of what might be in the dollar and value sections.

Coupon Codes:

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