History of Burger King


History of Burger King


Burger King, or BK as it is widely known is a huge chain of fast food burger restaurants with over 12000 restaurants in 73 different countries they are the 2nd largest fast food chain the world. There famous slogan is ‘Have it Your Way’. You can find Burger King coupons on their official website and in various other places too. We’ll look at these in more detail later.

In 1955 David Edgerton and James McLamore opened the very first Burger King restaurant in Florida. The Whopper was invented in 1957 and became their signature dish. The business became a franchise opportunity in 1959.

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The first restaurant beyond America was opened in 1963 in Puerto Rico. In 1974 the successful ‘Have it Your Way’ advertising campaign was launched. 1994 saw the launch of the ‘get your burger’s worth’ campaign, and they made several dishes 50% bigger. The dishes that got bigger were the hamburger, BK Big Fish and the BK Broiler.

For the 50th Anniversary of the Whopper in 2007 Burger King played a practical joke on the public by pretending they were discontinuing the Whopper. There was an instant Whopper Freakout and many people started to demand their Whoppers. The first ever Whopper Bar opened in Orlando in 2009 serving beer with their burgers.

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