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Burger King Coupons


The simplest way to make savings when eating at Burger King is with Burger King Coupons.

$100 of Burger King Coupons for Free? That’s got to be a joke!

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A Marketing company have worked in conjunction with Burger King to launch a massive market research campaign called the Premium Reward Club and guess what? They are giving 250 people $100 worth of Burger King Coupons absolutely free!

So what is the catch?

They are asking you to fill out a survey. They reckon it will take you around 20 minutes. I’ve done it and it took me 12 minutes although I do quite a lot of surveys so I might be a bit quicker than some people. You’ll be interested to know though that they do actually send you the coupon so it is really worth it. I’ve never made $100 so quickly. It was definitely worth filling out this survey.

Only for Burger King Customers

Please bear in mind that they are running this research to get information from Burger King customers so if you’ve never eaten at Burger King you really shouldn’t be filling out the survey as you can’t really fill it in honestly, so it really wouldn’t be fair for you to make up your answers just to get the coupons. However, there’s nothing stopping you going out and trying your first Burger King meal then filling out the survey!

Is this offer legitimate?

This offer comes via the Premium Reward Club. They are a long standing reputable company. I’ve never heard any complaints about their business practices. I once got sent a free laptop from them that arrived broken, but they sorted it out very quickly and sent me a new one.

Why would Burger King send me a coupon for free?

Well if you think about it, it’s not actually free. You will be filling out a survey and that will take up around 20 minutes of your time. Market Research is very valuable to any business, to help them understand their customers needs and keep ahead of the competition. This feedback is worth more than $100 to Burger King.

The Market Research Companies often pay for some of the rewards too as it is very good advertising for themselves. They will get more publicity by offering $100 in rewards, then if they offered the usual $10 or $20.

With the increased public knowledge about the marketing campaign, more people will be wanting to fill out their other surveys, which will mean more business for them from big companies like Burger King and McDonalds.

Don’t hang about, they are only giving away 250 of Burger King coupons and they will obviously be going quickly. Don’t wait for tomorrow or they may all be gone, do it now by clicking here and get your Burger King coupons asap!


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BK-Coupon-Codes -march-2017



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